Friday, June 18, 2010

Triumph Come Home Rally 2010

Triumph Come Home Rally, the ultimate swap meet, weekend camp out Triumph/Brit Bike event on the east coast, or in the country perhaps. People come from all over for this. Fortunately it's only 2 hours from my house! I woke up Friday June 18th like I would any other work day, only this day my truck was cleaned out and I was headed Spring Grove PA with a pocket full of money! I arrived around 8:30 am and things were just getting set up. Saturday is the big day, but I was only available Friday. But getting there early has it's perks. Find the good deals before the masses get there.
The TCHR is hosted by the White Rose Motorcycle Club, a long running AMA sanctioned club that has been running Hill Climbs forever. The pictures don't even come close to showing the sheer steepness of the track but it is frightening.
You can see the nets hung over the hill to keep dropped bikes from flying out onto the spectators.
Here is a poster from a recent hill climb that was tacked to a telephone pole. The red ink has faded, but it used to say HILL CLIMB really big above the date. I bought a poster from the WRMC vendor which I will post later.
The WRMC fairground is beautiful. A perfect place to camp out.
Here's something you don't see everyday, a motorcycle, hauling trailer with another motorcycle on it.
A Nice one too!
Check out the details.
I think I saw this same Vincent at Oley.
A beautiful bike that I'll probably never be able to afford.
This Triumph actually set a land speed record in the 60's.
All sorts of Triumphs were on display and/or for sale. Pre-units to OIF to custom. Some people like 'em stock, others like 'em unique. Theres no wrong way to trim out your bike.

After perusing the vendors to make sure there werent any crazy mis-informed sellers with the deal of a lifetime (there weren't, everyone pretty much knew what they had and what it was worth) I headed to the mess hall for some breakfast.
The Home fries were freshly cut potatoes dropped in the fryer. mmmmm.
Along the far wall of the mess hall stood the table of trophies. I knew one had been dedicated in my fathers memory (by Al Hartman whom I had the pleasure of meeting), but I had no idea how prominently displayed it was - complete with a photo and eulogy.
The trophy.
The photo, My father though that wearing a suit and tie would class up the awards ceremony. The bermuda shorts and flip[ flops summed up my fathers fond sense of irony.
The bio.
It was almost eerie how the photo was placed almost exactly in the location my father stood in the picture. Look closely.

Triumph single in dirt track tread.
This Triumph had the front fender from the "bath tub" model, with a hard tail and straight pipes.
The American Flag paint job was done by an amateur but due to it's age/patina I thougt it looked really cool.
Look at the sticker under the plate. I've never seen that Triumph artwork before. probably not official Triumph art, but I'd love to see a better copy of it someday.
59 T-100. Ask me how I know.
The single saddle always looked cool on the pre OIF models.
More Triumphs.
Cool backswept pipes.
And more Triumphs....
Interesting homemade Triumph sign.
Great cycle jumble. The bike on the far left was a slimline Featherbed Norton Frame with forks, rear swing arm and wheels. I really wanted to take it home with me to house my 58 650 Triumph motor, but I just didn't have the dough.
...And even more Triumphs.
Lots of cruising in style.
33 BSA. Nice!
Bikes are for riding, not just showing.
Beautiful Thunderbird(?)
my box of booty. Hauled in a box of pre-unit bits including the transmission I needed for my 58.
Just needs paint.
All this and the field was at 25% capacity. Wish I could've made it up for the whole weekend. Next year I hope.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shallow grave

Came across the remains of what looks like a 50cc Honda minibike while working behind a barn today. Looks like it's been there for 20 years. Even I didn't try to see if I could grab it. Rest in peace little man.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mail call!

I have seen motorcycle riders make mailboxes out of gas tanks but this is a traffic stopper. Located in my hometown of west chester pa. Wonder if she'll start!

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