Wednesday, December 7, 2011

26th annual Turkey Pro National, 2011

To many in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey area, The Turkey Pro National (held the Sunday after thanksgiving) marks the last big rally of the season before the long cold wither sets in. For 26 years, the event has attracted hundreds to gather, kick tires, drink coffee and participate in the slow race (for a chance to hold the coveted slowest turkey Trophy for a year - much like the Stanley Cup, though intentionally a tad uglier.)

The event has changed locations many times over the 26 years of it's existence, though this year marks the first time at it's new location - the Oley Fairgrounds (home of the well known mid-april AMCA swap Meet  by the Perkiomen chapter.) Al Hartman and Scott Seiber have put in a lot of work to carry on the tradition started by the late great Snuffy Smith. The crowd is friendly, the atmosphere is laid back and the competition to see who's the "biggest turkey" on the track is fierce!

Al Hartman

Scott Seiber
Clay makes a solid effort on his Tr5t
Congratulations Ryan Weisel, student at Kutztown University, on winning this years trophy-rights. Be forewarned, I am tuning up a tiger cub for next years race as I want that Trophy in my shop. I will be practicing!
Matt Smith (me) and Tom Swan (last years winner) present the Trophy to this years champ, Ryan Weisel

Team Weisel, winning bike and trophy
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