Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Bear, Palm Springs run 2012

Work and life can get crazy at times. So crazy that it's easy to forget the basic things in life that bring us pleasure. Like riding a motorcycle across the desert and through the mountains with a friend on a long, hot weekend...
Sorting the Triumph at Skratch's Garage.

Matt fueling up

outta LA!

Fiberglass dinosaurs

Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

Lunchtime at the Ace Hotel

Burned a hole through my jeans. Damn high pipes.

Wind power

Train delay.

detour around the tracks

bike broke down on the side of the highway...

on the way to big bear.

Big Bear cabin.

Checking out.

Burnouts in the sand.

on the edge of the San Berdnadino Forest

San Bernadino Forest

Checking the map.

Arriving safely back in LA
Lots more to come, stay tuned.