Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Falcon unveiled at Quail Motorcycle Gathering May 15th.

Falcon Motorcycles  has unveiled its third reworked/hand-built motorcycle, this time based on the legendary Vincent Black Shadow. This will surely spark a firestorm of debate as purest's protest that the Black Shadow was perfection and should never be tampered with. I argue that when these bikes (as well as other high performance machines of the time were new) there were plenty of people reworking them for maximum performance - one of Falcons priorities other than aesthetics. The machine started as a basket case motor. The motor was rebuilt and highly tuned while the rest of the bike was pretty much built by hand using only the finest materials available. Every last  square inch was thought out and reworked many times before the final product was displayed to the world at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, in California, May 15th 2011. Reviews are pouring in. Work of art or bastardization of a perfect classic? Let the debates begin!