Thursday, July 11, 2013

Triumph Come Home Rally 2013

In keeping with a one-post-every-two-months tradition... yes I know Im a slacker - but things are busy around here. Dabbling in real estate, possibly moving my shop once again - and putting a ton of miles on the Bonnie this summer. One hundred of those miles were to the 20th annual Triumph Come Home Rally in Oley Pennsylvania - my favorite of all motorcycle events since its focus is on my favorite marquee and the location is very close to home. It also kicks off summer as its the end of June and usually the beginning of the really hot weather - though not nearly as bad as last year, and the rain did manage to keep the sissies at home, which is fine by me.

Heres some pics:
A couple of well sorted riders

The Tigress was really the same scoot as the BSA "Sunbeam" 250 twin, 4 stroke.

Al Hartmans beautiful 1938 Speed Twin


Ohio Valley BSA guys raffle off one motorcycle a year. This Victor looks mighty nice.

A handsome Bobber based on a 70 Bonnie.

Shaggy riding his Trophy Bird. Original paint!
Next year the Rally will receive a new name - The National Triumph Gathering or something along those lines. The promoters are gearing up to make this a bigger event and a more enjoyable event. Last year the location moved from White Rose to Oley. Triumph officially "came home". A new location, a new name and a brighter future.