Friday, August 26, 2011

Engine cases pounded out and rough sanded

While the rest of my 66 T120 is in various places getting various stuff done to various parts... I decided it was time to start prepping all the big cast-aluminum for polishing. This really just involved heating and pounding out a few dents, and a lot of persistence with the oscillating air-sander (and tons of replacement sanding discs). I got all the deep pits, scratches and gouges smoothed over and I'm ready to move up to 400 then 600 all the way up to 1200 before going to the polishing wheel to get that smooth shiny flawless finish!

Dents circled in black magic marker.

heating up the dents with propane torch.

Hammering out the dents (hammer into a sand bag for better results)

dent pretty much flush. Sanding with erase the evidence.
sanding with 80, then 180 grit discs.

Everything is prepped and ready for many more hours of work! I nice looking restoration is all in the details.

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  1. That's pretty neat! And that's without using any production flare stacks to polish it? That's really amazing mate! Cheers to that!