Sunday, April 15, 2012

PRPS/TSY "Blackbird" denim collaboration party.

It's been a busy month here at S&T - with moving several bikes out the door, taking on a race bike project and plotting the next year etc etc etc.... phew! Had a chance to blow off some steam in Brooklyn this weekend starting with a party put on by The Selvedge Yard and PRPS over at Fast Ashley's Studio on North 10th st. Lots of bikes, totally packed house, a 53 Triumph Blackbird (the inspiration) photos and video by It's Better in The Wind creator Scott G Toepfer, and giveaways from Triumph Motorcycles and PRPS. Lots of eye candy at this one:
The Jeans (Scott Toepfer poster)

SBL and JP

PRPS owner Donwan with his lovely wife.

The Wild One. Right?

It's Better in The Wind. Scott hanging posters.

Pre Party view of Fast Ashley's.

Gala (left) Greaser Mike (right) and friend.

Stacie B, Stewart E and Paul D' playing with cel phones instead of talking. Sorry Stew, you're tall...

Outside scene at Fast Ashley's

6th Street Specials - NYC
Nice to have a break from the daily grind and get out of town. Thank you JP and Ashley for all your hard work to make this event happen and to get us all out of our caves for an evening.


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