Friday, April 23, 2010

OLEY 2010!

Just got back from Oley and heres my review: Harley riders should've been happy as hog's in shit (sorry bad pun) but for those looking for European moto's, it was slim pickin's . I was able to spot a few Brit Bikes and a couple of random Continental machines on top of locating a few spares for my 71 A65t.

A couple of nice pre Unit Triumph, The rear being a Trophy (obviously based on the pedestrian slicer)

Another pre-unit Triumph, not sure the year.

Norton Hard Tail.

The sought after Vincent with another Norton in the background.

A rather rusty Benelli 250 - similar to the one my friend Justin and his girldfriend Nina just picked up last week at Chadds Ford. Turns out the guy who owned thi bike had a cache of Benelli parts for sale. I texted Justin who was STOKED.

Bultaco. Couldn't find the owner or a price. Oh well....

Super sweet BSA street tracker hard tail. DBD35 (Thanks for the info, Bodger!)

Stellar BSA road racer. Gorgeous! (Possibly a B44 or B25 according to Bodger over at


This board tracker seems to be more fabricated than original but the attention to detail is remarkable. I love these bikes.

Extremely rare BSA Sun Beam scooter. Good luck finding parts for this, though it looks pretty complete. Honestly, I think the Italians did scooters better than anyone else, but British scooters certainly are an anomaly...

Mid 60's BSA Spitfire for raffle. I didn't bother because my luck sucks - hopefully whoever wins this actually appreciates the beauty of this motorcycle and doesn't simply flip it on ebay.


  1. Wow! Lots of great bikes and some stubbing beezas. The raffles bike was exquisite. Sorry to miss out on that opportunity!

  2. NIce pics, I missed the show.I had a late start to the season but there'll be plenty more and the HDs will always outnumber us, even if we outclass them!