Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Scrambles photos found: circa 1969

The following pictures came from an old dusty box that my friend Graham rescued from a flea market. There are hundreds of black and white shots from 1960-1969. I am trying to sort them out but it's difficult since they're all mixed together. These 9 were rubber banded together and a few had captions written on the back with a few recognizable names such as Jimmy Weinert (still an amateur here) as well as Tony Distefano. Based on the club jacket in the first picture these appear to be taken at a track in Trevose PA put on by the Road Winders Motorcycle Club. If anyone has any more info on these, please get in touch.
Clear picture of the Road Winders MC from 
Trevose, Pennsylvania.
"These fellers have to get started, someone heard a train whistle
back up the tracks"

"Indecision in the lead, Bob Sweeten (64) and Tony DiStefano (53),
Tony decided correctly and won."

"Jack Creelman (39) has been around a long time, but
Jimmy Weinert (47) has no respect for his elders, and
passed Jack."
"That V stands for 'victory for Varnes' but Ed Williams (right)
took home the marbles."
..."But wheelies along miles ahead in the 500 expert, he won both."


  1. Matt-

    I remember this track when I was work'n for Larry's I recall the race was in the early part of District #6 season as the track was usually very muddy.

    The rider with # 711 looked very familiar.



  2. Is that Jimmy Varnes? I remember your dad talking about him. ;-)

  3. I believe this is Ed Varnes, Jims brother. He raced under this number according to his nephew.

  4. actually it's Denny Varnes. Met Jimmy Varnes at the Martins Motor Sport show. A very classy gent! Expect more info on the legendary Varnes Bros coming sometime soon.

  5. #149 was my father Ray Stillwell Sr.

  6. #149,Ray Stillwell,Sr.,one of the early and lifetime member of Roadwinders MC,Trevose,Pa.The club was connected with Bromley's Motorcycle Shop. Bromley's is still there.We have Ray's last street bike,'73 Kawasaki.My sons may even have his old racing bike.Ray was known to the neighborhood kids as "Pops Racer".He is now deceased,and if there is a track in Heaven,I'm sure he is riding it.RIP,Ray. We love you and miss you,your wife,Pat Stillwell.

  7. I remember this track operated the Roadwinders MC, it was off of Pa. Rt.413 in Langhorne Pennsylvania. It was between two railroad tracks and it was a scrambles track but they did hold one motocross race there. That race was also that years district 6 motocross championship event and I participated in the race that day.

  8. I am #711 in the photo at Langhorne. My name is Ron Lent. I raced from 1964-1972. I moved to expert and became #77.