Sunday, January 23, 2011

Potomic Vintage Riders swap meet Jan 23rd, 2010 York, PA

PVR puts on an annual swap meet each winter in York, Pennsylvania. While a far cry from the quantity of bikes and bits at events like Vintage Days, it did manage to cure the cabin fever I've been feeling with all the snow we've gotten this year. As expected, British bikes were few and far between. Lots of Motocross bikes: mainly the big four but I spotted a few Bultacos and Hodakas. In fact Strictly Hodaka had a table set up and it was nice to meet those fine folks. Turns out they're working on aftermarket seat pans that'll fit my 1970 Ace 100, though I'll have to wait several months. No worries, the old, rusty seat will due for spring riding (assuming I get it finished by then...)

As usual, I met a bunch of nice people and had plenty of great cycle-talk. Saw some beautiful bikes, picked up a couple of odds and ends for my Bonneville.... blah blah blah - enough talk, here's the pics:

Beautiful Triumph Tiger Cub, one of many that graced the concourse.

Mid 60's Bonneville with interesting mid level TT "silencers"
and luggage rack combo.

Tr6, looks pretty original. Nice!

Triumph Bobber

Tiger Cub in a Rickman frame.

1964 Tiger Cub 250 Trials bike. Gorgeous! 

Look at that tank! I almost had one from ebay, but was sniped
 3 seconds before it ended.

Another superb example of a Tiger Cub.


Bonneville engine in Benelli frame and trim.

1950 BSA Goldstar. This bike was raced back in the day as well
as in Ahrma. Took some titles, but now it's for sale.

Unique modern "cafe racer" Yamaha

Note the shock mounted in front...

No mono shock there, that front shock attaches under the bikes chasis.

I'm not sure if Coca Cola ever used motorcycles to distribute their soda.
But the attention to detail is very admirable .

Harley Aermacchi short tracker.

1963 DMW Trials bike. Check out there site!

Check out the front end, very similar to older BMWs

Tiger cubs were the dominate force of this years mid-winter meet. Lately, I've been dreaming about building a Cub race bike capable of breaking the ton... Speaking of which, I have a great surprise for anyone into Tiger Cubs, Triumphs or just race bikes in general. Parts Monkeys and Tech Junkies get ready for the next  Smoke and Throttle entry coming this week!


  1. Hey Matt- It was great to meet you in person. See you at the next event..

  2. Wade, likewise. Hopefully next time I can stay a little longer. We should try to get some BB members together for some rides this spring and summer.