Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Dice Mag lands in my mailbox. Issue 36

Quick heads up. Dice 36 just dropped and the Vincent racer featured is a beast! Also, somewhat of an oddity for a primarily chop 'n bob book, is a 59 streamlined Velocette lakester from down under. If you're over 40 and think like a 60 year old purist, Dice isn't for you - but if you're under 50 and think like you're a 20 year old who finds stock bikes boring, and VICE magazine funny, this is your rag.... but I digress.

Packed in this issue is the assortment of mid century Harleys styled like 2010's interpretation of the 70's - ya follow? Thats all fine, but I really dug that the Vincent and Velo were included - though content is minimal. Keep mixing it up, Dice - Variety is the spice of life right?

Cover can be converted to coffin tank

VIncent! I'd've made the bars a bit wider, but thats just me

Velo going for a land speed record.


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