Sunday, February 20, 2011

NORVIN Vincent - Norton Specials manufactured in ltd. run: £400!

Yes that's right. for only £400 you can have a factory built Norvin Special with specially built Featherbed frame for only £400. All you need is your time machine, travel back to 1960,  buy one, pack it nicely for storage suitable for 50 years, hide it in a cave (ala Back To The Future III) return to the present time and, if hidden properly, go dig out your ultimate cafe racer. In fact buy two, sell one and keep one. Hell buy as many as you can - just don't try to bring the bike's back with you on your returning trip through time, because everyone knows you can't have any foreign objects in a time traveling device or you'll fuse together, in this case forming a hybrid man and machine... like in The Fly.

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