Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barber Motorsports, Vintage Fest 2011: Part 2-B

Jeez, this is getting drawn out. Please take a minute to read part 1 and part 2a to catch up on my adventure at Barber Vintage Fest. If you already have,  we left off with John Lawless, Michael lawless and myself  hanging around with Cook Neilson, Paul Smart and Jason DiSalvo at Barbers Ducati Parade lap of legends - a tribute to "Ducstock" which was being held on the premesis.

After spending an hour or two behind the museum, we went back in to examine George Barbers extensive collection.  I must admit I spent to much time ogling a few specific bikes, that I missed a bulk of the museums displays. A trip back is certainly in order this year.

Board-trackers on display on an actual wooden track.

1959 Tiger Cub, in touring trim w/ larger fuel tank and headlight nacelle.

1957 Aermacchi Chimera 175. Similar in style with the Ariel Leader.

Tangerine Dream. 2009 and 1959 Bonnevilles. 

Bikes stacked to the ceiling - quite literally.

In House, all aluminum fabrication - Proteus D (Jaguar D type replica)

Hundreds of bikes waiting for restoration is the museums basement.
70's Super Bikes up next for an overhaul.

In house fabrication of a Velocette tank. Demonstrations were given.

More in house fabrication. The facility is set up to build anything.

Good Friend Gary Fishers 74 BMW f-1 racer on the "Daytona Bowl"

The Daytona Line Up!

Jawa Ice Racer. The handlebar is bent to allow for the extreme leaning!

Check out the spikes on those tires!

Norton Black Shadow? Whats that duplex frame it's in?

The "Norvin" is quite possibly the ultimate cafe racer. 

51 or 52 Vincent v-twin motor in a Norton Featherbed Chasis.

Ultimate Combination or desecration of two of Britain's finest? Debatable.

perfect symmetry on this '38 Brough Superior. 

981cc 45 BHP at 5 grand, ya dig?

Lucas Magdyno provides the electrical requirements.

Beautiful Chrome tank. Flawless. (me getting artsy)

Jawa 350 GP two stroke water cooled light weight rocket!

The John Surtees Display. His race bike and car. MV Agusta and Ferrari.

John Surtess Matchless G50 special. Magnesium and titanium: 245lbs!

1975 Morbidelli 125 GP two stroke - 160mph!!!
A nice assortment of MV Agustas.

61 Harley KR750 Side Valve. Comprable to the Brit 500 OHV's in speed.
After a long session soaking in the cycles, I had to break away and get outside. The weather was 80 degrees and sunny and there was an AMCA swap meet calling my name. As a self proclaimed "hoarder" I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty in piles of old parts. Check back shortly for Part 3: The Swap Meet!

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