Monday, October 1, 2012

ECTA Land Speed Racing at the Ohio Mile

Mmmm, the smell of high octane racing fuel and nitrous - the sound of straight pipes and spinning tires - the sight of 175 vehicles line up to do one thing: go as fast as as possible without blowing up. Land Speed Racing brings out all the gear heads who want to see exactly what the limitations of their motors are. Sometimes records are set while other times motors give up the ghost.  Either way, the determination to get just little more horse power only builds.

I was presented with an incredible opportunity this fall. Leon Stanley from Badger Corse invited yours truly to pilot his Royal Enfield down the runway at the East Coast Timing Association event in Wilmington Ohio. LSR is something I've dreamed of doing ever since I was a kid and saw that picture of Rollie Free riding his Vincent at Bonneville. Leons Enfield is a heavily worked 500cc single that has  campaigned in road racing, flat tracking and most recently, speed trials. Best of all, when it's not in one of it's various race forms, the "badger" as leon calls his bike, serves as a daily rider. I am thrilled to be apart of this project - but I can't give too much away as there will be a video online soon, documenting the bikes journey. In the mean time, here are some visuals from the race.

Altered and partially stream lined.

The "Badger"

one mile to get to the speed trap.

Harley side valve. Look closely...

Formula 1

Hot Rod that once competed at La Carrera 

Add caption

Matt from Big Sids working on his Rapide
It's easy to see how this hobby can become an obsession. Every record is there for the taking - if you can figure out a way to get just a few more RPM's...That is until someone else gets a few more on you. Then it starts all over again. Vicious cycle, see?

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