Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brent's "new" 71 Harley Sportser with SIDE CAR!

I ran into my Buddy Brent over at the motor tag office. I was selling a bike to a friend and Brent was getting a tag for his 1971 Harley Sporter. Interesting feature on this bike, both the gear shifter and rear brake pedal are on the right hand side of the bike. Apparently the previous guy who owned it had a prosthetic leg and had this modified to allow his good leg to work both pedals. More power to him, though it makes for an interesting ride for someone who's not used to it. I have a hard enough time switching between my brit bikes and my Cb450 (where the brake and gear shift levers are on opposite sides).

Cool bike. too bad Brent's friend crashed the bike minutes before leaving to get the tag, Apparently the dual gear shift and brake pedal threw him for a loop.

Riding in sidecars is really fun.

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