Thursday, January 5, 2012

Retro Moto TV trailer

Smoke and Throttle is pleased to present a trailer for a yet to be picked up motorcycle program featuring yours truly. Check it out and feel free to share!


  1. Looks good Matt! Hope you get picked up!!

  2. Yo Matt, just wanted to let you know I threw up a post on my blog for your show;

    Keep me informed if things move forward!

  3. finally a show with content for true motorcycle enthusiast....good luck were pulling for ya.
    keep us updated
    joe@ vcycle- custom cafe' racers

  4. Great stuff, hope it makes it to the screen & makes it over here to the UK as well

  5. Hey Matt,
    Sound like a show I would want to watch.
    When and where can it be viewed?
    Take a look at our website:
    Maybe a segment for your show?
    Seth W. D.

  6. Why don't you publish online? If you want to talk sponsorship and funding, get in touch ...

    1. Filip, We just had a segment air as part of Motorweek on PBS/velocity in hopes to gain interest with sponsors. If you know of anyone interested please get in touch.

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