Sunday, January 22, 2012

PVR York Swap Meet, January 2012

York, PA, January 22nd, 2012: Second year in a row that the parking lot was an ice skating rink making unloading bikes very tricky. Inside, however was a warm and friendly environment full of fellow vintage enthusiasts eager to shake the winter blues and do some buying, selling, swapping and all around BSing. The deals, as usual, seemed to happen between 6am and 8 am -before the general public gets to pick things over. I had the opportunity to get there early, but blew it as I was still recovering from Saturdays NYC trip for the International Motorcycle Show. No worries, I was there to sell and I came out ahead on cash which is a very rare thing for me. I won't bore you with a picture of every bike at the meet - you've seen it all before. I picked a couple of highlights and interesting photographs to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed this cold, snowy Sunday at the York Fair Grounds. Thanks to the AMCA for putting on another great swap meet (they always do!)

Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club raffles off a restored Beezer every year. This late 60's Lightning looks mighty nice!

HAHAHA, got love the stuff you find at the swap meet.

Author, David Gaylin selling copies of his newly revised Triumph Bonneville and TR6 restoration guide. A must have for any British restorer. Tons of great info you will not find anywhere else.

Haul Ass, literally. Original Triumph poster for sale.

Mr and Mrs John Melniczuk at J and M Enterprises. Rabbit ears!

Kenric Strohm of Quaker City Motor Works.

A fantastic painting of the late great Gary Nixon.

A beautifully restored Norton.

Peugot beauty.

Getting artsy fartsy.

A nice cabinet full of NOS triumph and lucas parts.


  1. Super bummed I couldn't make this one. On the hunt for a triumph... together or in pieces.

  2. there was a triumph tr25 (my first street legal bike I had as a teenager) in pieces for 100 bucks. I turned it down. Those bikes are not great bikes. If you want me to find you a solid runner, just say the word and I can keep my eyes open. I see deals all the time - I just wont buy anything else unless it's really rare and cheap. I have too many projects and i need to finish the 66 bonnie by Springtime. which is totally doable, just need to pay the painter and for a new set of carbs and custom hand built belt drive with norton style clutch - all high ticket items.